Fifth Grade Math

The math curriculum used in CPS is TERC: Investigations. The fifth grade units are as follows:

  • Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers (Multiplication and Division 1)
  • Prisms and Pyramids (3-D Geometry and Measurement)
  • Thousands of Miles, Thousands of Seats (Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System)
  • What’s That Portion? (Fractions and Percents 1)
  • Measuring Polygons (2-D Geometry and Measurement)
  • Decimals on Grids and Number Lines (Decimals, Fractions, and Percents 2)
  • How Many People? How Many Teams? (Multiplication and Division 2)
  • Growth Patterns (Patterns, Functions and Change)
  • How Long Can You Stand on One Foot? (Data Analysis and Probability)