First Grade Literacy

Literacy is the primary focus of the first grade curriculum. Children are actively engaged in reading and writing everyday in a variety of ways.

Components of the reading curriculum include “Shared Reading” of big books, poems, and charts. Children read independently during “Quiet Reading” and are read aloud to everyday. Direct instruction takes place in small groups with children who are at a similar point in their reading development. Reading materials used include trace books, multiple copies of leveled texts, as well as teacher and student made materials.

Writing Workshop
kids4.jpgDuring “Writing Workshop” children write independently on topics of their own choosing. Children are encouraged to use invented spelling. Through “Interactive and Shared Writing”, the whole class works together to compose and write sentences, stories, lists, messages, and letters. Skills are taught through whole class mini-lessons and individual conferencing. Word study and phonics are integrated throughout the literacy curriculum.

Literacy Assessment
Children’s literacy development is assessed in the fall and again in the spring through the BAS (Benchmark Assessment System), which uses writing samples and written observations (running records) of children’s reading to document progress.