Fourth Grade Literacy

author.jpgThe 4th grade literacy program will follow the Literacy Collaborative Intermediate model, which includes time for Word Study, Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop. The word study component will include vocabulary building activities, a focus on how words are put together in order to spell them better, activities to help students with conventions in writing, as well as some handwriting for students who need support in this area.

The Reader’s Workshop includes a whole class lesson, independent reading and small group instruction called guided reading groups. These groups will be homogeneous and will change periodically throughout the year. Writer’s Workshop also includes a whole class lesson, a read aloud, independent writing, and small group instruction. The students will continue to benefit from the WEX writing model that elicits student writing through a series of prompts with an emphasis on focus, showing and sentence mechanics. A Poetry Workshop will replace either a reading or writing workshop every other week.