Fourth Grade Math

math.jpgThe Haggerty School uses TERC Math as our core math program. The TERC math program builds on skills from prior years and layers new, more challenging concepts on top with each increasing grade level. The Cambridge district administers three assessments during the year and the teachers have a pacing chart that guides our instruction so that we cover the material in time for each assessment. The 4th assessment is the MCAS for our 4th graders this year. Assessments align with the MCAS format. Students will also practice basic math facts that parents may also encourage at home.

The Fourth Grade TERC math curriculum includes:   

  • Factors, Multiples and Arrays - Multiplication
  • Describing the Shape of the Data - Graphing
  • Multiple Towers and Division Stories - Division
  • Size, Shape and Symmetry - Geometry
  • Landmarks and Large Numbers - Place Value
  • Fraction Cards and Decimal Squares - Fractions & Decimals
  • Moving Between Solids and Silhouettes - Geometry
  • How Many Packages? How Many Groups? - Multiplication
  • Penny Jars and Plant Growth - Advanced Graphing´╗┐