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Fourth Grade Science

Worm in ClassWe start off the year with a quick overview on observation, drawing, and recording. These skills will be worked on throughout the year. We will also focus on science discussion, science journals and science questions.

The fourth grade will start the year with our unit on Our Changing Earth which includes the basics of Earth Science. We will take a brief look at the structure of the Earth and then focus on the crust and what happens to the crust. Changes happen quickly, as in earthquakes, or slowly, as in weathering and erosion, and students will investigate how this works using stream tables, soils, rocks and sand. A field trip to the Maynard Ecology Center will show them what happens at Fresh Pond when soils erode and weathers.

During the winter term, we will study electricity using a unit called Circuits and Pathways. Students will build circuits, learn about safety concerns and investigate the wonderful world of electricity. We plan to take a field trip to the MIT Edgerton Center during this unit where students build quiz boards or flashlights.

Springtime will bring us to a unit about the Solar System. We will look at the components of the solar system, the relative size and distances between the planets, cycles such as the seasons (and why we have them), and the phases of the moon. Concepts that we focus on include cycles, systems, light and shadow.

Our goal is to show the students some of the wonders, help them to know that their ideas and their questions are valid and wonderful and that they have potential to be the future scientists of the world.