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Second Grade Science

student_desk.jpgSecond-grade science units include “Liquids”, developed by Educational Development Center, Inc. (EDC), “Soils”, developed by the National Science Resources Center (NSRC) and Animal Life Cycles: “Mealworms and Butterflies”.

We also try to add the life cycle of the silk worm. These units are explored through hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Skills introduced and practiced include observation, exploration, data collecting, comparing, organizing, questioning, problem solving, interpreting and analyzing data, and communicating orally and in writing. Drawing and labeling skills will be introduced to prepare students for more descriptive journal writing. Opportunities for working as a member of a small learning group with assigned tasks will be modeled and practiced. Science homework will be assigned one time per week when needed. The Science Department has been piloting end-of-unit assessments to follow K-5 science learning. This assessment is meant to provide information about the students’ learning and will inform the teacher and guide the instruction.