Second Grade Social Studies

Social StudiesSecond graders study Native American Tribes of North America. We will continue to explore various tribes (before European contact) from the North and Southeast, Plains, North and Southwest regions of North America. We will explore the kinds of housing used and its relationship to geography and climate, foods available from their surrounding resources, roles of adults and children; community values; education; and important rituals and beliefs. Occasional homework may be assigned.

Last year we began a new and additional unit to our social studies curriculum: Discovering Justice. This unit meets the state standards and “allows very young children to explore how and why they are enforced, which rules may be fair or unfair, and the appropriate ways to challenge and change rules. It helps children understand that there is a structure to society, that they have responsibilities as members of society, and that they are not alone in being responsible for their own safety and well being. The children learn about values the system protects such as freedom of speech, liberty, and equality.”