Second Grade Specialist Curriculum

Great Body Workshop: Health
Students will explore and discuss several heath-related topics that include nutrition, safety, healthy heart, germs, skin, and the brain during read-aloud times. Each topic provides a take-home pamphlet. We ask that each pamphlet be reviewed and discussed at home, since limited time in the classroom prevents us from incorporating it fully into the daily schedule.

Brain Gym
A few times a week students will spend 2 or 3 minutes performing Brain Gym activities—exercises that help with growth and development. Second graders enjoy participating in these exercises. Ask your child to demonstrate a few!

Social Curriculum
To support the above curricula we have adopted two social curricula: Tribal Rhythms, a program designed to build community with children, and Responsive Classroom, a program designed to build a learning community where high social and academic goals are both attained. Responsive Classrooms is built around several components that integrate teaching, learning and caring in the daily program in “the context of commonly shared values, such as honesty, fairness and respect. These components are implemented through the development and strengthening of social skills, such as cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self control”.