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Third Grade Math

Our core math program is TERC: Investigations. Many concepts are supplemented with more traditional materials for fluency practice and developing higher thinking skills.  Additional materials include literature by Marilyn Burns.

The breakdown of the units is as follow:

  • Trading Stickers, Combining Coins (place value, addition and subtraction)
  • Surveys and Line Plots (data and graphing)
  • Collections and Travel Stories (addition, subtraction and the number system)
  • Perimeter, Angles and Area (2D Geometry and Measurement)
  • Equal Groups (Multiplication and Division)
  • Stories, Tables and Graphs (Patterns, Functions and Change)
  • Finding Fair Shares (Fractions and Decimals)
  • How Many Hundreds, How Many Miles? (Addition, Subtraction and the Number System)
  • Solids and Boxes (3D Geometry and Measurement)