Attendance and Absence Procedure

Parents/guardians and students are reminded that Massachusetts law requires compulsory attendance for students. As a result, we discourage family vacations when school is in session. In addition to compromising the attendance requirements, vacations when school is open interrupt the educational process for children in ways that make-up work cannot reverse. Teachers are not required to provide assignments prior to a family trip when school is in session.

Students should be reported absent by a parent/guardian. Please call the office to report a student absence (617-349-6555 ext. 7). If the call does not come in before 8 AM, the parent/guardian will be notified informing them of their child’s absence.

In an effort to have your students start the day with success and consistency, we are asking that parents who drop-off their children do so by 7:55AM. The school day begins at 7:55AM; if you come in after that, please sign-in in the office. In every classroom, students are met with some form of “Morning Work.” This includes learning and routines for students.

*Classroom teachers need to start the day with Morning Meeting by 8:00AM. Family members are asked to leave by 7:55AM.

It’s helpful if you allow your children to be independent in their routines in the morning. Ask them what the routines and expectations are, and have them show you how they are done. Your praise and support of their independence will reinforce it and support a smooth start to the school day.

Please make every effort to help your child arrive to school on time. Students arriving after 7:55AM are marked tardy. When a child is tardy s/he misses valuable activity time and important instructions that are given as the day begins. If your child is going to arrive to school later than 7:55AM, please call the main office (617-349-6555 ext. 0). Once the front door is closed at 7:55AM, please stop in the main office and use our electronic computer system for late check in.