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Music Corner: Big News in Music!

Music Corner: Big News in Music!
Posted on 04/30/2015
By: Shelley Irvin-Kent, Music Teacher

First graders have learned their first two notes: SOL and MI (pronounced “so” and “me” respectively). Sol is the higher note and mi the lower. We learned these hand signs:
 and also how to read it on the staff:

Music Music
Sol and mi are copycats, which means if sol goes on a line, mi goes on a line below it. If sol goes on a space, mi goes on a space below it. We can put sol and mi here on spaces:

Music or here on lines: Music

We practiced our new notes by singing “Lemonade” (here I come, where from?...) and Doggie, Doggie. Ask your child to sing these for you! As first graders have been learning sol and mi, second and third graders just learned RE (pronounced “reh”). Re is a step above do and a step below mi. Re is also a copycat of la, but it is TWO skips away, not one. We can read re on the staff in this example:

Music  Music

but also on spaces, like this:


or transposed here: