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Music Corner: September 21, 2015

Music Corner: September 21, 2015
Posted on 09/21/2015

By Shelley Irvin-Kent Music Teacher Haggerty

Welcome back to another great school year! There are big changes in the music program at Haggerty this year. The Kodály (KO-die) method is being implemented at Haggerty and follows the proven model from other Cambridge schools: K, 1st and 2nd grades attend music four times a week for 30 minutes. Ms. Irvin-Kent teaches JK-2 at Haggerty this year. Because our younger students are getting so much music, we have another music teacher working with our 3rd and 4th grade students! Meet Andrea Gaudette, who also teaches at the Cambridgeport School. Ms. Gaudette will be at Haggerty on Mondays, teaching all 3rd and 4th graders. Both Ms. Gaudette and Ms. Irvin-Kent are Kodály-trained music teachers.

What is the Kodály program?
Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967) was a visionary teacher, composer and philosopher whose work has influenced musicians and music educators around the world. Following his folk song collecting trips with Béla Bartók in Hungary in the early 1900s, Kodály conceived of a monumental idea: that music could be taught artistically using the traditional folk songs of a culture. Gathering talented, creative teachers around him, Kodály developed a philosophy of music education based on the radical idea of universal music literacy. Kodaly’s basic tenets:

  • Music is the core of the curriculum.
  • The body—the singing voice and movement—is the best medium for making music.
  • Experiencing music cannot begin too early.
  • Traditional folk music provides the best and most natural material for becoming a literate musician.
  • Music literacy is like language literacy.
  • Quality music is the best material for teaching.

The tools we use in a Kodály-based music class include solfege (think “do, re, mi”), hand signs, and takadimi (rhythmic solfege - words we use to read rhythms).

Come by and visit any time! Ms. Gaudette teaches in the art room (110) on Mondays and Ms. Irvin-Kent teaches in the music room (111) Monday through Friday (617.349.6555 x111).

Join Haggerty Chorus!
Perform in the Peace Day and Spring concerts! Grades 3, 4, 5 Every Tuesday morning 
7:30 - 8AM

Haggerty Chorus will begin again on Tuesday, September 29! While chorus is voluntary, I ask that students who sign up participate for the entire year. Rehearsals will be every Tuesday morning 
7:30 - 8AM (location will be determined by number of students). Students who participate chorus will not be marked late in their classrooms. Buses typically arrive before 7:30AM, so students who ride the bus can also participate. Complete the permission slip in your child's bag and return it to Ms. Irvin-Kent by Friday 9/25.