Classroom Celebrations and Food

Classroom Celebrations and Food
Posted on 02/23/2016
In an effort to create a healthy school environment for all students, some guidelines have been developed to help guide teachers and families in the consumption of food during school. This arrived out of concerns raised by parents after annual events (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Birthdays, end-of-year celebrations, etc). Family members are not present at events to limit or control what their children are consuming. Additionally, the school had no standard expectation for sweets and celebrations, which resulted in some classrooms allowing food and other classrooms not, creating an inconsistent and mixed message for our students and families. 

Birthday Celebrations
Instead of food, a list of developmentally appropriate alternative activities will be distributed with the support of room parents.

Annual Holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day No candy, sweets, or food will be exchanged on Valentine’s Day. Out of respect for the many Haggerty families who do not celebrate Halloween, will not have Halloween-activities.

Curriculum and Classroom Events and Breakfasts

With the support of room parents and the school nurse, a healthy food guide will be distributed to make suggestions to families around foods that would be welcomed at a classroom event. 

Teachers will have flexibility to include food for teaching purposes and when students and families are sharing their cultures. 

Food Rewards/Incentives

The use of food or candy as a reward or reinforcer is not allowed unless it is part of a behavior plan overseen by a district behaviorist that has been agreed upon by a parent/guardian. 

During testing and throughout the year, students will not be given cake, candy or edibles for their hard work. All of the Haggerty Staff is committed to giving students specific descriptive praise for their efforts and use of strategies, none of which will come in the form of sweets.   

Room parents CAN help distribute this information to parents and support communication to families throughout the year.