Literacy Corner: December 14, 2015

Literacy Corner: December 14, 2015
Posted on 12/14/2015

By: Annabel (Grade 4)

If you venture through the doors of Haggerty, you will find children that are different but belong. Effort is in the air, with teachers calm leading students and the students are silent (maybe). Sometimes, you might hear friendly chatter, then a friendly warning from a teacher. If that does not work, the teacher will raise their voice but never a slight yell. Meanwhile, if you listen closely, you will hear a clatter that is kids running upstairs. Follow them, and you will find rows of classrooms. Peek in any of them and you will find students busy at work. And boy, do they work! Everyone works-- teachers, kids, the principal, vice principal, custodians -- all from 7:45AM (maybe earlier) to 2PM (or later)! But that does not mean no break. There are “specials” that include library, gym, music and computer lab, all bubbling with excitement and of course, lunch and recess. Now listen closely-- AHHH HAHAHAHA--that’s the sound of recess, the sprinting, yelling, and screaming of kids letting out their energy. But most of all Haggerty feels welcoming and sweet. Even though there is some mischievous people. All of Haggerty is a big happy family, never giving up on each other and helping friends or even enemies. But most important Haggerty is full of love and will love anyone who comes!!