Literacy Corner: For K - 2 Families & Students

Literacy Corner: For K - 2 Families & Students
Posted on 02/22/2016
It’s Report Card Season, and you might be asking yourself? How can I support my child’s reading?

How can I make sure that my child is making enough progress in Reading?

High 5There are three areas in Reading where we can always use your help at home:

Reading Comprehension: Ask questions, Ask your child to RETELL you about what they read. In school, Students have learned to retell using a 5 finger retell.

Start by retelling about the 1) Characters, 2) Setting, 3) First, 4) Next and 5) Finally; Beginning, Middle, and End works just fine, too.

Reading Fluency: Students at Haggerty are working hard to make sure that they are reading fluently aloud and in their heads. Fluent readers read quickly, read with expression and read with few errors. If you notice your child making a lot of errors, recommend an easier book. An easier book will help them to hear themselves reading quickly and with more expression and ease. Finding the “just right” book can be tricky, but at home reading should be pleasurable.

Word Solving: When an error is made, Wait to give your child a chance to try it again. Simply ask? Does that make sense? Encourage your child to try word solving strategies: use picture clues, look for words hiding inside of words, look for context clues; words around that word that might help to solve. Your children are currently learning a lot about vowels, blends, and phonics rules. Give them a chance to practice at home by teaching you some vowel rules.  

Becoming a strong reader can be hard work. Feel Free to be in touch if you’d like more ideas to support Reading at home.  

Suzanne Russell