Music Corner: December 1, 2015

Music Corner: December 1, 2015
Posted on 12/01/2015
By Shelley Irvin-Kent - Music Teacher

BrahmsNovember’s Secret Song is Revealed!
Title: Hungarian Dance No. 5

Composer: Johannes Brahms

Country: Germany
Date: 1869

Musical Concept: 
Allegro (fast) and adagio (slow)

Watch the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra play it >>  

Brahms’ Hungarian Dances were influential in the development of ragtime. For an interesting twist on the original, listen to a ragtime version of Hungarian Dance No. 5 here >>

Check out the activity sheet at >> 

rhythm syllablesDear First Grade Families:
Building on students’ work learning about one sound on a beat (quarter note, called “ta” when we read it) and two sounds on a beat (eighth notes, called “ta-di when we read them), first graders have been presented with the name and symbol for ZERO sounds on a beat: quarter rest. (When we read it, we hear silence on a beat.)

Ask your child to read the song to the left (Pease Porridge Hot) using rhythm syllables and then to sing for you!