RACE Matters at Haggerty

RACE Matters at Haggerty
Posted on 04/15/2016

Your Kids, Our Students Want To Know … Why are some people treated differently? How come people were marching in the streets? What does Black Lives Matter Mean? Why do we have different skin colors?

On June 9th (NOTE DATE CHANGE) from 6 - 8PM, Dr. Melissa Bartholomew, Graduate of Harvard's Divinity School, will be visiting Haggerty for an evening workshop. Dr. Bartholomew will lead families and staff in conversation about how race relations in our country affects our communities. You might be thinking, at Haggerty….Do we need help? Well, yes.

While our school has been known for its diverse and inclusive community, we still have incidents of unintended exclusion, stereotyping and bias. Did you know that a small group of parents and staff has been meeting to talk about Race at Haggerty? Our group, RACE MATTERS: Courageous Conversations, has met several times this school year. All Haggerty staff and family members are welcome to join upcoming meetings. We hope you will join us for Dr. Batholomew's special event on June 9th.

Our event is sponsored by Friends of Haggerty. There will be childcare for the event.