Technology Corner: December 1, 2015

Technology Corner: December 1, 2015
Posted on 12/01/2015
By Mr. McGonegal, Haggerty Technology Instructional Specialist

Well, it's been quite a year of computing thus far at the Haggerty School! The CPS technology replacement cycle is almost complete, and we now have interactive whiteboards, iPads (JK-2) and Chromebooks (3-5) integrated in every classroom. From the Junior Kindergarten through the fifth grade, technology tools are seamlessly integrated in our everyday teaching and learning.

The annual "Hour of Code" week is almost upon us! On the week of December 7th through the 13th, all Haggerty computer classes will focus on coding skills, and what it means to program a computer. Our students actually get a crack at the wonderful computer programming activities on quite often, and I encourage families to check them out at home. For more information, and for some really fun coding activities for the whole family, check out

For those of you considering giving technological gifts over this coming holiday season, I want to highly recommend a web site called "Common Sense Media." is a wonderful site run by a consortium of parents, tech leaders, and scholars, who give very sound advice not only on technical hardware and software, but also how to thoughtfully guide your kids on how to best navigate the media and technology so pervasive in their lives. Check it out at

Finally, I am sending the list of Haggerty Student Logins to CPS Web-Based Resources via the Google Group this week. There are many great web-based activities offered by the CPS that your students can access from home computers, tablets, and in some cases, even mobile phones!