Writing Workshop Author Celebration: Grade 1, Room 104

Writing Workshop Author Celebration: Grade 1, Room 104
Posted on 01/12/2016
writing workshopThese first graders (see photo on right) are working hard to finish their Narrative Writing for their upcoming Author Celebration. These students worked collaboratively helping one another to spell, to use capital letters and punctuation and to rehearse their writing for their families. They are ready!

Huh? First graders write Personal Narratives you might ask???????? Yes, they do and so do our Kindergarten students.

Anyone can write a personal narrative because Personal Narratives are:
*true, small moment stories from our lives.

*they have a beginning, middle and end.

*they have sensory details, like SOUND words, and action words, and descriptive words.

*they have dialogue, the characters talk to each other.

*and they tend to have happy endings. (phew!)

Did you know? ALL K-5 Haggerty students wrote at least one Personal Narrative already this year.  Maybe you could try one and share it with your child or children. If you need help, ask a Haggerty student, we’re getting to be experts at this type of writing.


About the Authors:
 Lila and Jackie prepared funny pictures for their About the Author pages. There’ll be lots of L.O.L. when you see all of the photos!

writingCheck out the details in Ben’s drawing. He labeled his picture from his ‘Magic Bean’ Story.

Be sure to check out the Narrative Writing in both first grades, there are many great stories to be read.