Author Share (Room 213)

Author Share (Room 213)
Posted on 02/15/2018
Last week, the third graders of room 213 shared their personal narratives with their families. Here are some excerpts from their work.

It was late one Fall afternoon,
long past school,
when my family and I went back to
There was no slow.
My family rushed
to the car.
And the leaves were so colorful
that they lit up the sky.
Somewhere behind us
a car honked,
short and stiff,
Like a needle, in a pincushion.
~ Neva

I walked up the hospital stairs with my Dad and my brother Austin. We are at the hospital to visit my Mom. And meet my new baby sibling! I was wondering if it was boy or a girl.

When I was first swimming at water country I was feeling the waves crash up against me. I blinked my eyes. I looked straight ahead in the deep end.
~ Sarah

I was waiting on the cold black bench with Neva next to me.
The wet raindrops from last night’s rain tickled my legs as we sat there.

So, the pencil breaking mayhem all started 11/14/17 at the start of writing workshop. At first I didn't know what to write about but I knew I should at least touch my pencil to the paper but when I did, my pencil broke!! Then I knew what to write about, the time my pencil broke!!!! So then I finished the ‘t’ as in ‘the,’ then started to write the ‘h’ but guess what happened, my pencil broke again!!!
~ Max
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