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Friends of Haggerty

foh_logo.gifWhat is “Friends of Haggerty? and what does it fund?” 
Friends of Haggerty (FoH) is a private nonprofit corporation formed in 2005 by Haggerty parents. It is run by a volunteer board made up of parents and teachers. Parents serve as liaisons to the PTO and School Council. Our mission is to raise funds to support initiatives that have been identified by the Haggerty community as valuable to the school. All funds raised by Haggerty School parent organizations go through Friends of Haggerty and are used principally for enrichment and community building programs and activities that would not otherwise be funded by the annual school budget. This includes classroom field trips and curriculum enrichment, school visits from authors and artists, and additional books for the library. Funds are not used to pay for school operating costs, routine supplies, utilities, building and equipment maintenance, or staff salaries.