Book Reviews by 4th Graders (on cereal boxes)

Book Reviews by 4th Graders (on cereal boxes)
Posted on 04/08/2022
Book Review of Foxtrot by Saif
FoxtrotIf you like comics like Big Nate then you're going to LOVE this! The dad who is named Roger likes food and seems kind old. He think he is a lot younger than he really is. He also likes football just like the older brother Peter. Peter is almost exactly like him although he has a much higher metabolism than Roger, and is a bad driver. Peter can sneak out of the house and he also gets bad grades unlike his younger brother Jason. Jason is geeky and Jason will often be on his computer or on TV but Jason can lack common sense of the outside world and Jason really likes space. He also likes to annoy his older sister Paige. Paige is obsessed with shopping, also annoying Jason, calling her friend Nicole, and getting a boy to like her. A kid named Morton likes Paige but Paige does not feel the same way about Morton. Jason has a best friend named Marcus. He is also a geek and has most of his interests in common but he has a better understanding of a social life. Paige is younger than Peter and can get agitated easily.

Book Review of Front Desk by Shifa K.
Front DeskI read the book Front Desk and I wanted to do a book review about the book. The main character is 10 year old Mia Yang. Mia just came from China. She lives in a motel with her mom and dad. She works in the front desk of the motel. Mr. Yao is the manager of the hotel and he treats Mia rudely (which means racist). Mia is very kind and she fights for equal rights. Her mother cleans rooms in the motel and her dad works cleaning room too. Mia lives in Calvista motel California. You should read Three Keys and Room to Dream after Front Desk. Kelly Yang wrote the books. The ending is very good but I'm not going to spit it out. Mia has friends Lupe and Hank. Hank is black, who gets treated rudely too. One time Mia's mom gets attacked. Hank has lost his Job because Mr. Yao calls the Police that he stole something. The Police do not arrest him but his job was worried so they fire him. You should read Front Desk. I love this book. Warning: Don't read Three Keys or Room to Dream first. Thank you for reading my book review.

Book Review of Room to Dream by Marko
Room to DreamWarning: Only read if you have read the last 2 books in the series. (Front Desk, Three Keys)
I read Room to Dream by Kelly Yang and I LOVED it! Mia is 11 years old and is going back to her hometown Beijing. She will bring her friend Hank but Hank is Black and not Asian. In this book Hank experiences lots of racism. This book is also super funny. For example, Mia's cousins jump and pull on Hank's hair! I'd recommend this book to people who love upstanders and comedy. All in all I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars! You should check out this book! Have fun reading! (if you do read it, I hope)
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