5th Graders Spent Two Nights in February on the Farm and They Want to Share

5th Graders Spent Two Nights in February on the Farm and They Want to Share
Posted on 03/16/2018
FarmFarm school was awesome! Everybody loved it there, we had the best time, and we are going to share our experiences with you.

The bunkhouse is the center of the farm, literally and metaphorically. It's the place where we sleep, eat and have snack. We clean the bunk room everyday. We have checklists that we complete everyday. Some of us would cook with Aly while others would clean the bunks.

One of the biggest parts of farm school is animals. There are many different animals on the farm and they all do a different job. There are the cows who provide milk, the horses who are like animal tractors, chickens who lay eggs, and pigs and goats who get slaughtered for meat.

FarmOne thing we had to do is going on the wild walk. What we did in the wild walk was play games and explore Rachel’s, the farmer, cabins. We also played camouflage which was fun to play.

Free time was the least structured part of farm school. During free time we could wander around the farm until we heard the bell for either lunch, snack, dinner, or breakfast. Also for free time we can visit some of the animals. For some of the animals we had to go with a farmer. Sometimes we can spend time in our bunk rooms to just talk and play games.

Kitchen and garden was a big part of farm work. If you were in the kitchen and garden group you could either go to the garden and plant seeds for the coming year or you could work in the kitchen. The food was AMAZING. We had lentil soup with a variety of others, fried rice, pancakes, mac and cheese, eggs, Cherry and rhubarb pie and more. Some of our favorite parts of farm school were: the goat project, where we made an extra door for the goats, doing the dishes with friends, grooming the cows, playing with the baby goats, and everything else.

FarmThose were some things we liked about farm school. To all you fourth graders out there get ready to enjoy farm school!
By Abigail, Adna, Jibril, Kate, and Yamanuel

Hello! One out of the many spectacular moments that I had was when we were at evening activities when we had the options of; making cookies, playing a board game, just reading in your bed, or playing giant Jenga. I chose giant Jenga. My team was called The Spectacular Dragons, who was me, Allan Austin, and Rafik. By Calvin

I loved all the farmers, Abby, Christina, Rachel, Sophie, Eve, Dave and Ally. They were awesome farmers for being so patient, teaching us and helping us become better farmers ourselves. By Khadija

My favorite things to do were dish duty, spending time with the calves and cows, cooking, and spending time on the farm with my friends and the farmers. By Lily
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