Haggerty School-Wide Expectations

Haggerty School-Wide Expectations
Posted on 10/19/2015
Dear Haggerty Families~

I hope you have been enjoying this lovely fall weather! We are past our first month of school and I wanted to update you on our teaching of the school-wide expected behaviors. Our All School Assemblies have been focused on the expectations I mentioned at Back to School Night.

At Haggerty:
  • We are KIND
  • We work HARD
  • We RESPECT others and ourselves
We have been teaching and helping students practice these rules throughout the building and will continue to do so all year. Teachers and support staff are talking with children about what these rules should look like sound like, and feel like at arrival time, in the hallways, at lunch and recess, in classrooms, on the bus and during all-school gatherings.

As parents, you can help your child understand and follow the school-wide rules by talking about them often.

Some questions to ask your child are:
  • How did you do with following the rules at recess (or lunch, all-school meetings, on the bus, etc.) today?
  • What did you do, or see others do, at school today to be KIND?
  • Which one of the school-wide expectations is hardest for you to follow?
  • What do your classmates do that helps you do your best learning?
Thank you for joining us in this work!