Music Corner: October 2, 2015

Music Corner: October 2, 2015
Posted on 10/02/2015
Amy BeachBy Shelley Irvin-Kent - Music Teacher

Each month, the whole school listens to a new piece of music called our Secret Song. We practice the moves and learn about it all week without learning the secrets. Finally, we learn all about the song the following week. September’s Secret Song is revealed! 

Title: Katydids from Summer Dreams, Op. 47
Composer: Amy Beach
Country: United States
Date: 1901
Concept: Four-hand piano

katydidTo study this Secret Song, we did the movements: sparkle fingers, walking through the meadow, looking for katydids, pretending to be katydids (arms on back), walking through the meadow, sparkle fingers, and finally, catching a katydid!

Watch the Duo Vela plays Summer Dreams, Op. 47 here. Katydids starts at 6:49.