Review of the Full Moon by Our 2nd Graders

Review of the Full Moon by Our 2nd Graders
Posted on 10/18/2019
Full MoonReviewed by Ms. Callender & Ms. Clifford's Second Grade Class
If you want to relax and eat while your children play, then Full Moon is the place for you! Full Moon is one of the BEST restaurants in the world.

One reason is that the food is marvelous. For example the chicken fingers are juicy and delicious. The french fries are crunchy, salty and really taste like potatoes. Also the macaroni and cheese is really cheesy and the sauce is yummy, but can sometimes be a little bit liquidy. Another reason is that the service is very good. Everyone who works there is polite and will explain anything that you have a question about. They always check in with the customers to see if they like their food. They will always bring you different food if you do not like the food you were served. Whenever the servers carry plates the food never falls off and they know how to slide the dishes onto the table in a cool way. In addition the decor is very colorful and fun. There are painted walls, chalkboard drawings and fancy lights with designs hanging from the ceiling. The chairs and benches are comfortable and there are plenty of tables near the windows. There is also a play area for children 6 years old and under. It has books, trains, trucks, kitchen toys and dinosaurs to play with. Ultimately Full Moon is a marvelous restaurant. It has yummy food, the servers are polite, fast and when they talk to customers they are delightful. The decor is fancy and cool. When you go in and look around you feel warm and toasty right away. We rate it 5 stars because we think it is just right for you!

Reviewed by Ms. Morton & Ms Hassett’s Second Grade Class
Full MoonAre you looking for the best kid friendly restaurant ever? Then go to Full Moon Restaurant. Full Moon has a play area with safety rules and paper on tables for drawing that keeps kids from getting cranky. They also have incredible food that most kids love. One reason you should go to Full Moon is that there is a play area for little kids. In the play area there are trucks, a train set, and a play kitchen. Another reason Full Moon is the best is that they have french fries for only four dollars! They are the best when you put salt on them. Be careful, the french fries are hot! Also, Full Moon has a kids menu. On the kids menu they have lemonade, cheese pizza, chicken fingers, mac and cheese, carrot sticks, and french fries. The chicken fingers are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and warm. We would go back for more! Also, we think the waiters and cooks are talented. For example, the cooks make yummy food and the waiters serve quickly. So, if you are looking for the best kid friendly restaurant ever, I recommend Full Moon because it has the best food, play things for kids, and service.
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