Talking Differences in First Grade

Talking Differences in First Grade
Posted on 02/15/2018
EllieOn Friday, February 9, Ellie's mom Amanda came to talk to the first graders of Room 105 about physical differences between people. Ms Yeh and Amanda talked with the class about how to be kind and respectful with their curiosity. They asked kids to imagine what it would feel like to be asked a question about something that made them shy and then how to ask permission of people to have these conversations. The class talked about letting the person with the difference determine how to use humor and not to decide for someone if their difference is funny because it may make them feel bad.

EllieAmanda was born without a right hand. She showed the students how she does have a wrist, which allows her to do quite a lot with that limb. She talked about how her parents approached this difference when she was little - buying her a piano and typewriter. They wanted her to learn to do things just like kids with two hands, and not be held back. She asked the students to think of things she might have difficulty doing with only one hand. Students guessed - tying shoe laces, typing, and playing an instrument. Amanda then demonstrated to the students how she can tie a shoelace, put Ellie's hair in a pony tail (and a braid!), shuffle cards, knit, put on nail polish, and how she types. Then she asked the kids how their thinking had changed after watching her do those things they thought would be difficult.

The students had a lot of great questions. Amanda left a few books in the classroom for the students as resources (The Pirate of Kindergarten and Emmanuel's Ride). Thank you Amanda and Ms. Yeh!
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