Library Corner: May 20, 2015

Library Corner: May 20, 2015
Posted on 05/20/2015
Loree Griffin Burns – 
Students Report on Recent Visit

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Loree Griffin BurnsAn author came to the Haggerty School this past Tuesday. We met in the library. Her name is Loree Griffin Burns. She also has a photograph partner named Ellen Harasimowics, but she wasn’t present at our meeting. Loree shared lots of books she had written. The one she talked the most about was about butterfly delivery. The coolest thing was that she went to a butterfly farm in Costa Rica. From there they delivered butterflies to Massachusetts on an airplane. Some of them you can see at the Museum of Science!

It was lots of fun meeting her, hearing her story and seeing the pictures in the book. Oh, and I almost forgot! The book is called Handle With Care: An Unusual Butterfly Journey.

–By Kamila A.

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Loree Griffin BurnsHave you heard of the books Beetle Busters, Tracking Trash, and The Hive Detectives? They’re all written by one person: Loree Griffin Burns. Loree is an author who writes about fun science topics. She visited the Haggerty School on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. Loree taught us about fascinating things such as the Asian Longhorn beetles and honey bees. Did you know that Asian longhorn beetles are destroying trees right here in Massachusetts? Did you know honey bees are disappearing? Loree Griffin Burns’ visit was a great opportunity for kids to learn more about nature and science.

–By Hannah C.

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Loree Griffin BurnsButterfly Journey

I began my journey when I was an egg. My mom hatched me and then I was brought to a shelter where I became a caterpillar. I was put into a little container and in time I formed a pupa. I was put into a package and I was sent miles away to a museum in Boston. A girl named Leah took me out and hung me near a window. Soon, I turned into a butterfly! And for the rest of my life, I lived in an indoor place that didn’t let mean animals in. It was nice.

–By Gianna C.

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Loree Griffin BurnsAuthor Loree Burns talked to the 5th grade about her book Tracking Trash - Flotsam, Jetsam, and the Science of Ocean Motion and why she wrote the book. The book is about a scientist named Curt Ebbesmeyer and how he tracks trash that falls into the ocean. Loree also talked about how trash is bad for the ocean. She described a program called Ocean Conservancy that cleans beaches and records each piece of trash picked up. You can do a project like this with your friends.

Fun Fact: At Solana Beach in California people collected over 6,000 cigarette butts. Then they used the data to convince people to ban smoking on the public beach.  

Kids should read Loree’s book Tracking Trash. It’s fun to read and is filled with interesting information about our oceans.

–By Abigail P., Francesca B., Aliki H. and Isabelle K.